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Osteopathic Treatment

The focus is on treating and healing the entire patient, rather than treating a patient’s symptoms in a crisis-orientated, one-spot only approach. It is about a free moving body, as free motion ensures that all innate healing systems are free to work without dysfunctions. After a thorough case history diagnosis takes place only with the hands. The hands of an osteopath are as trained as the taste of a wine taster or the nose of a perfumer. („With thinking, feeling, seeing and knowing fingers“ Dr. Still/Dr. Sutherland). This and the superb knowledge of anatomy and embryology help the osteopath to detect any tension or dysfunction, that might be the cause for the symptoms. He/she than treats this problem with soft and subtle manual techniques or, if necessary, with manipulations (the founder of chiropractice, D.D. Palmer, was a student of Dr. Still), to gently free the restricted areas.


There are no two persons with the same reasons for the same shown symptom!

A treatment takes approximately 50 minutes. It is a hands-on treatment with mostly very subtle techniques. The osteopath does not heal- he activates the selfhealing potency! Osteopathic medicine sees the body’s own healing system as the most effective intervention and seeks in every way possible to stimulate and release the body’s own healing resources. The body now can start this process, which is why usually there are at least 2-3 weeks in between treatments. Exceptions are babies and little children, as their system changes very fast. Or someone, who is totally exhausted (long disease, long period of stress, major emotional impact), because his/her system might need more assistance in getting started again. Each new session picks up the patient at his/her very state of health at that day. As an average patients come 4-6 times.