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Susanne F. Dick DO
Do they get along?
  •  Does your Baby cry constantly? Does he/she have cramps and vomit? 
  • Is your child always more active to one side (right or left)? 
  •  Your baby is not moving according to his/her age?
  • Ever since that fever, or since the vaccination, is your child different?
  • Does she/he tend to be sick often? Does your child have chronic ear infections? 
     Is your child very active, almost aggressive? Or, just the opposite: not very active 
    and not interested in things? Does your child have problems with concentrating?
  • Headaches? Sleeping problems?


These are just examples of problems that might occur. What do they all have in common?


They all show that your child is not in balance and is experiencing dysfunctions. This disturbs their development and inner peace, which is quite stressful not only for the suffering child, but also for the whole family.

If the doctor checked your child and did not find a serious medical reason for these problems, they are usually “just“ dysfunctions. This means, nothing is actually structurally damaged, but, nevertheless, the system cannot work properly. Sometimes there are serious problems, like some chronic diseases – which in turn lead to other functional problems.


This is, where osteopathy finds its place. Osteo - what? Osteopathy!
Founded in 1874 by Dr. A.T. Still, an american physician, it is a holistic way of helping a person to get healthy. Dr. Still always said, that tt is always about the person as a whole, the “body, mind and spirit. The goal is not a short term intervention, but to support the selfhealing potency that every human being inherits. The osteopath searches for health - not for the disease.Osteopathy works with very subtle hands-on techniques and softly manipulates the structures, that are in dysfunction. This could be the skull (after a stressful delivery or a fall), organs (after infections), the digestive system, the lungs and every other living tissue there is ...